About Hire Atlanta Youth

Engaging Youth Today for a Better Tomorrow
The Bottoms Administration has worked hard to ensure that our officers are trained, equipped, and paid commensurate with the challenges they face and their unwavering dedication. The City of Atlanta is doing its part to ensure equity is immersed in all of our decisions. We are forging a new day in Atlanta, where our police officers can live and thrive in the communities they serve; and where we can collectively evaluate the way our justice system works.

Hire Atlanta Youth is a collective effort between the Mayor’s Office of One Atlanta, local school districts, corporate partners, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to empower youth and provide them with opportunities for growth. There is a direct correlation among youth engagement and positive development in building resilient communities; therefore, the city must use all available resources to engage and uplift the youth community.

Youth will have the opportunity to explore their interests and career pathways, develop workplace skills and engage in learning experiences that help in developing their social, civic and leadership skills. Success begins with preparation and this dynamic program is designed to prepare youth for the workplace. As our young people continue to develop, this is the perfect time for them to take a more prominent role in shaping their economic trajectory.

Hire Atlanta Youth plans to meet the needs of young people between the ages of 14 to 24 by providing access to opportunities through virtual summer residency, paid internships, and employment. The program provides educational resources to propel youth on a path towards success. Atlanta’s future depends on the educational and developmental success of youth and they deserve every opportunity to enter our community’s workforce and explore career possibilities.